Awakening Vajra International Resources - Video and Audio


Videos (MP4)

Choden Rinpoche – Eight Verses of Mind Training

Choden Rinpoche – Peaceful Living

Choden Rinpoche – Lam Rim

Choden Rinpoche – Four Powers

Choden Rinpoche – Great Treatise to Enlightenment

Choden Rinpoche – Tara Puja

Choden Rinpoche - Seven Point Mind Training

Choden Rinpoche – Long Life Puja at Sera

Geshe Gyalten - Budda Dharma

Geshe Gyalten – Mahamudra Sutra

Geshe Gyalten – Introduction to Tantra

Geshe Gyalten – Introduction to Cittamani Tara

Geshe Gyalten – Phowa

Geshe Gyalten – Teachings on Medicine Buddha

Geshe Gyalten – Diamond Cutter Sutra

Geshe Gyalten – Lama Tsongkapa Guru Yoga

Audios (MP3)

H. E. Choden Rinpoche

The Four Noble Truths

Three Principle Aspects of the Path

Three Bodies of the Buddha

Reciting the One-hundred Syllable Mantra

Visualization and Meditation on the Channels and Magic Syllables

Geshe Gyalten

Death & Dying

Dream Yoga

Nagarjuna’s View of Emptiness

Teachings and Meditations on the Complete Path

Teachings and Meditations on Refuge