Buddhist Studies

AVI is currently in the process of designing a set of structured courses, online and off, that shall transmit the full range of sūtra and tantra as transmitted by the lineage masters of our tradition. Although we will adhere to our tradition; the range of courses, practice seminars and long retreats are meant to work with modern methods of learning and be pragmatic, that is good outcomes are gauged by how empowered we are to work with ourselves, improving the functioning of our minds and how we relate and evolve for the good in an ever-changing and demanding modern environment.

In time, through the help of many volunteers and by professional guidance, we intend to offer a plethora of courses, structured and unstructured, so all those interested in Tibetan Buddhist knowledge and practice can find the path that resonants with them, thereby maximizing their individual development and helping each to compassionately apply their acquired wisdom to help our societies.

Core Courses–Hearing/Absorbing

The core courses will help students acquire a theoretical framework that will enable each participant to progress from the initial to the intermediate and higher understanding of Buddhist philosophy and practice. Students will acquire the ability to navigate confidently theTheravādin, Mahāyāna and Tantrayāna approaches to Buddhist practice, and through studying and practicing begin to discover their true nature of loving-kindness, compassion and wisdom.

Special Courses–Reflecting

Special courses will be offered that will deepen the previously acquired knowledge in specific areas, such as the “Choden Rinpoche Lam Rim Practice” module and the “AVI Shedra Study Program.” Courses in Tibetan Language and Culture are also envisaged for a full cultural embedded experience of Buddhist learning and practice from a Tibetan perspective.


On the basis of the Core Courses, Special Courses and peripheral learning opportunities, students shall be given the opportunity to meditate upon what they have learned in-group and personal retreats.