Gyalten Khen Rinpoche

2024 World Tour Events and Teachings

(This information is subject to change. AVI will post changes as they occur.)


February 24 and 25
San Jose California, USA
Avalokiteshvara Initiation and Meditation
Contact Geshe Kunsang: [email protected]

March 21 – April 1
Toronto, Canada
Chitamani Tara Initiation and Retreat
Contact Jack: [email protected]

April 13 – April 19
21 Tara Initiation and Retreat
Contact Eric: [email protected]

April 20 – April 30
Medicine Buddha Retreat
Contact Linh Dan: [email protected]

May 1 – May 8
Chitamani Tara Initiation and Retreat
Contact Chandra: [email protected]

May 19 – May 26
Tantric Mahamudra
Contact Jessica: [email protected]

May 29 – June 5
Hong Kong
Teachings and contact to be determined.

June 7 – June 16
San Jose California, USA Annual Event
All Six Yogas of Naropa with Chakrasamvara Empowerment
Contact: [email protected]

June – July
Courses TBD
America West/East Coast Tour
June 29 – 30 Oakland
July 13 – 14 Oregon
July 20 – 21 Seattle
July 28 – 29 Boston

Courses TBD
European Tour
August 3 – 4 England
August 10 – 11 Berlin
August 17 – 18 Latvia and Lithuania

New Zealand
Courses TBD
Contact Chery Weir: [email protected]

Courses TBD
Contact Robyn Buchanan: [email protected]

October & November
Lama Guan Monastery Annual Event

ONLINE COURSES (Dates to be Determined)

Six Yogas of Naropa Continuing Study Program

Tilopa’s Ganges Mahamudra
37 Practices of a Bodhisatvva

The Perfection of Wisdom Literature Buddhism and Wellbeing