The Many Ways of Giving, Belonging and Contributing

Awakening Vajra International is dependent on the generosity of its friends and sangha members from all corners of the world for volunteerism and financial assistance to ensure the gamut of activities from teachings to building projects to securing the legacy of H. E. Choden Rinpoche.

If your life has been positively changed by the immense and profound teachings of Buddhism, if you have been deeply impacted by the presence and teachings of H. E. Choden Rinpoche and our Spiritual Director, Geshe Gyalten Kungka then you have come to the right place to practice generosity.

Our objectives, our numerous efforts to advance the Dharma far exceed our capacity at this time. This is where each of us can make a major difference in the world. All of us, because of interdependency, have encountered Buddhism, meditation, and masters through the generosity of others. Without the dedicated effort and financial support of those who felt inspired to share these teachings, none of us would have the opportunity to read or hear the teachings, to attend events that have transformed our lives, and to enjoy the benefits of a community of like-minded meditators. In the same way that generosity has flown from and through another, we would like you to join us in sharing these precious teachings with the world. The most critical work you can do, of course, is to imbue your life with these teachings, but it is also critically important to contribute financially and through volunteering. The amount you donate, the time you contribute is up to you. Even $10 a month, a few hours a week of volunteering will make a big difference, and your support, in whatever manner you choose, will combine with others to make a powerful river of generosity.

Please choose among the options listed at the link below. We are forever grateful for your contributions – they empower us to bring you, and others, more opportunities to study and practice the Dharma. With deep and respectful appreciation, thank you.

You can Support Any of Awakening Vajra International Projects by Using Your Personal Credit Card or PayPal.

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Lama Guan Monastery and Gompa Hall Project

Lama Guan School for Monks

Kali Devi Basic School

H. E. Tenzin Gyalten Rinpoche Sponsorship Fund

Awakening Vajra International Social Service Fund

Gyalten Translation Group

Dharma Education Development Fund

H. E. Choden Rinpoche’s Holy Stupa Project

Awakening Vajra Strategic Development initiative